Hi! Lovely to meet you. My name is Jana.

Things you should know about me

  • you can wake me up for raw chocolat, medjoul dates and my boyfriend;
  • I get energy from connecting, inspiring and authenticity;
  • I learn from the school of life and all and everybody that crosses my path;
  • I strongly believe in the power of vulnerability and embracing emotions;
  • I live my life out of love and authenticity, and daily face all the challenges this might bring with a smile, trying to find a lesson in everything that happens;
  • I breath positivity, have a hands-on approach and love to create;
  • Glitters, stars, dressing up, awakening my inner child, dancing and the sun makes me happy.

Sharing is caring

Another thing that makes me happy is sharing. Experiences, insights and lessons. It fulfills the purpose of my life: to share experiences and knowledge with the world. It is the moving force in my life. I experience and I want to share. I learn and I want to share. I want to share because I care. Because I want to help and support people with my knowledge, insights and stories. We can all use a guiding hand every now and then. A listening and understanding ear. A supportive story to let us know that we are not the only one struggling with something. Struggling with ourselves. A chearleader on the side who chears for your successes, small or big. An inspiration, motivation or a challenge to live our lifes to the max, to live in the moment and to follow our hearts. I feel this is what I can give to this world and to each of you individually. As a gift, for all of you who need it. Why? Because you are worth it.



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