About a little thing called gratitude

Summer of 2015 I started writing my daily gratitudes in a diary. I called it my little Thank You Book. Last week, I finished the last pages. Automatically, I was turned to what everything that happened since the start of this writing habbit. So I looked back at the first entries. They referred back to the week I returned from Burning Man. What I noticed was the gratitude towards the little things, the real things that matter in life. The pages reflected the story of the months that passed. The recovery from my burn-out, the transition from lawyer to world traveler to social entrepeneur, and the amazing lessons I learned about myself, the universum, life. Reading all this, I felt extremely humble. What a freaking ride it has been. What a freaking ride it is. My gratitude expanded with every single entry. Wow.

I realized what a huge impact gratitude made on my life. Every evening before I go to bed, I take a moment to reflect on my day and write down 5 things I am gratiful for. This daily reflection helps me to see beauty in every day, regardless my mood or state of my physical body. The things I used to take for granted became focus of my attention. The sun, opening up during a cloudy rainy day. A random talk with somebody at a coffee place that changes into a serious talk about spirituality and life. A piece of cheesecake in the afternoon. A smile of a stranger. A walk in the woods.

Gratitude motivates me to look around. To enjoy and focus on what is, instead of what was or might be. For such a long time I was looking for true meaning. Looking for myself. Looking for love. Craving for the future, living in the past. I allmost forgot that life can only be lived in the present. That life is happening right now. Not in the past, not tomorrow or next week. Now. Gratitudes makes me humble, because it shows me the beauty and greatness of life in its full potential. The creations of nature, the amazing opportunities and unlimites possibilities life has in store for us. Gratitude enhances the quality of my life, every single moment of every single day. For all of that, I feel grateful. For experiencing the power of gratitude. For letting gratitude into my life. And for all the beautiful presents gratitude has given me in the past year. So I started my Thank You Book – Part 2. A new year, new adventures, new things to be grateful for. No matter what happens, no matter what comes on my path, I will never say goodbye to gratitude. Pinky swear!

For now, there’s just one thing left for me to do. I want to say thank you to you, my beloved reader. Thank you for your support in the past year. For your kind words. For being you. I wish you all amazing holidays and a loving and healthy 2017! May you live your life to the max, dream big and create bigger!


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