Dear Ubud


Dear Ubud,

Thank you for having me again!
The last we met was different than expected.
Five years since our first encounter and wow, did you change!
But thinking of it, so did I.

Five years can do a lot.
I was looking for that old authentic feel.
But all I found was new and Western.
Nothing lasts forever, so I guess nor do you.

But now, on the edge of leaving
I realize what you wanted to show me.
What you wanted to learn me.
And I feel grateful.

Reconnecting with an old friend reminded me:
true connection survives time and space.
No matter when, no matter where,
when two hearts meet, two hearts connect.

Driving around on a scooter reminded me:
I can conquer my fears.
There is always something new to explore.
Even when you think you’ve seen it all before.

Walking on your hectic and busy streets reminded me:
I don’t need to run away.
Stillness can be found everywhere and anytime.
I just have to open my eyes and look for it.

Thank you for this.
Thank you for changing.
Thank you for being you.

Until we meet again.

 With love, Jana



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